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Artist's Statement


Fiber as a medium for artistic expression has always had a place in my life but it was not until quilting that I discovered an effective form of self expression. And although my current focus is on the use of fabric in the layered form of quilts, my work often incorporates other fiber techniques that I have explored to include crochet, needlepoint, and embroidery. Fiber to me is a never ending palette of not only color, but pattern and texture. It provides the raw materials for expressing my emotions and thoughts as well as for interpreting the world around me. My creations include realistic and historically accurate works depicting a certain time period, event, or place as well as complete abstractions that serve as vehicles for the exploration of colors, patterns, and textures. This dichotomy exists in my work because at times a piece of fabric will be the inspiration for a work and at other times an idea will motivate the search and selection of fabric. Ultimately it is the ability to escape into a world of needle and thread from which emerges a unique fiber work that continually draws me to this medium; hence my logo - Needlescape.